Institutional Strengthening

HDT has continued to grow and strengthen its systems and human resources in both quality and numbers. This strategic intervention is a core component for delivering the strategic plan and will therefore target its technical and infrastructural capacity to ensure sustainability and independence. Therefore, HDT will make use of its technical capacity to mobilize own resource through consultancies. In this manner, recruitment, development and maintenance of qualified, experienced and competent personnel will be the focus to achieve this strategy. Currently, the institution is enriched with Leadership and Governance skills, Monitoring and Evaluation, Financial and Human Resource Management.

HDT as an expert in Maternal and Child Health interventions will focus on strengthening the capacity of partner institutions in health promotion towards maternal and child health outcome. As a country, joint efforts are mandatory and HDT will set standards and make adequate information available for other institutions to refer to.

Deliberate efforts shall be made to fundraise locally for a long term institutional sustainability in addition to mobilization of resources from external donors and development partners. To inculcate adaptive management and institutional learning, HDT will develop and maintain user-friendly monitoring and evaluation system.


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